"Christine & Ethan Rose have weaved a thrilling tale of magic and adventure in "Witch on the Water"...I cannot wait for the veil to the Otherworld to open again next Samhain so I can find out what happens next!" - Catherine (from Amazon)
"Christine and Ethan Rose have done it again. This dynamic duo have once again created a magical tale. Witch on the Water is an enchanting adventure, which I couldn't put down." - Joan de la Haye, author of Shadows
"...compelling and adventurous...Let Christine and Ethan know that they have another winner on their hands" - Shell
"Witch on the Water is a great book. I loved knowing the mythology behind the story. Fiana proves that power, control and your sanity are very fine line to dance. And how love can truly make a person crazy!" - Jen
"I LOVED Witch on the Water! What caught my interest was all the different point of views there were. We got a view from everyone and it really explained and expanded my imagination. I could picture the characters more fully, and get a sense of their personality." - Kayla
"The imagery is just so surreal." - Nicole