(5/5 Paw Prints)

If things couldn’t get worse, Cullen has got a cold. Worse off he has a brooding wizard inside his head and a pain in the butt step-brother. At least he isn’t grounded anymore. But when word gets back to Cullen and his friends that Fiana is out for revenge, will he be able to stop her? Or will he be caught in the crossfire between Rowan and Fiana and become a victim?

It is hardly believable that his beautiful, loving, selfless wife has turned into the ultimate evil being. All his hopes, coming back to his wife are dashed away and it is his fault. She gave her soul away to find him. What will he do when she comes back for him?

When they thought it was safe to get on with their lives, Cullen and his friends are swept right back into danger. Fiana has come back and she will use any means necessary to claim her husband back. And she is not happy when Max shows interest in Rowan. Is Cullen and his troop of misfits able to defeat Fiana again or will her determination be too great for even Rowan?

A fantastic sequel to Rowan of the Wood! I feel for Cullen and what he has to go through and I still hate his foster family, especially Rex. This book is full of adventure, perspectives, and defiantly suspense. I loved how they provide background views on the struggles Fiana faces, and makes it clear what she had gone through to search for Rowan. Though she is evil I feel for her too. All she wanted was to find her love and live the life she never got to experience. I mean who would want to leave the otherworld? How Christine and Ethan described it, I would be happy to live my existence there. The ending was so perfect; I never would have expected it! I would recommend this book to everyone! If I had kids I would read it to them, but I make do with forcing my friends to go and read Witch on the Water.

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