"Rowan of the Wood is a first-rate story with consistently entertaining and endearing (and fearsome and adorable and abhorrent) characters, an interesting plot full of twisty goodness, and plenty of fifty-cent words that'll keep young readers on their toes."
- Adrienne

"I found Rowan of the Wood to be an imaginative and fun read with a fairy tale flavor to it that will appeal to old and young alike."
- Victoria Kennedy, Midwest Book Reviews

"This is a great addition to the wizarding world. You'll find yourself reading it in a day because you won't want to put it down."
- Austin Monthly Magazine

"Rowan of the Wood is a fanciful and intriguing book about love, loss, magic and a centuries old quest. With a likeable group of heroes, and a set of villains that you can actually feel sorry for at points, they take you on a mystical tale that spans fourteen centuries and leads to the twenty-first century where a misfit boy has to take on an enormous responsibility."
- A. E. Jaskiewicz for Front Street Reviews

"...a fantastic and believable read. The love that doesn't really die between Rowan and Fiana is powerful. The loneliness of Cullen and his love of doing what is right is wondrous. I loved this book and anyone who loves fantasy will love it, too. The authors have gotten this one right and I highly recommend it." - Marta Morrison, Teens Read Too (5 stars + Gold Star Award for Excellence)

"The mythology in the book was outstanding. It combined a little bit of vampire with a lot of Celtic, and I thought it was an excellent combination...It's even possible that I enjoyed the chapters in historical settings better than the chapters in the current time, although they gradually got darker. I would be very interested to read more in this series, as well as more by these authors, if they can work up a novel like this their first time out." Someone's Read It Already

"This book was so fun and different. I've never read a book like this before, the characters are very original, I LOVE Marlin. The book changes between a bunch of different characters points of view, so you get to see what's going on in all of their heads. And it goes between the different times in history, but everything seems to flow very nicely together." - Kayla of Midnight Twilight

"Magic, lost love, vampirism, history, and modern times - how do they all fit together? If you wanted to know, you would have to read Rowan of The Wood by Christine and Ethan Rose. Rowan of The Wood is a fantasy novel, but it is also more, and it is one eBook that you aren't going to want to miss!" - eBook Guru (finalist for Dec08 eBook-of-the-month [Kindle Version])

"I especially loved all the characters, and seeing their desires, fears, motivations, etc. The problems that time created also kept me entertained: Fiana's battle with her approaching death, and Rowan's confusion with the modern world that Cullen lives in." - Mrs. Magoo Reads

"Like the Celtic knots tattooed on the arms of its namesake wizard, Rowan of the Wood weaves a brisk, well plotted adventure from compelling themes: ancient magic, bloodthirsty evil, timeless love, and the courage of a pure heart." - Robert Stikmanz, author of The Hidden Lands of Nod series

"This was a good book and I hope that everyone who reads it likes it as much as I did." - Ben Weldon, age 10, for Readers Views Kids (entire review)

"Lovers of magic and fantasy set in the real world would do well to check this book out. A solid tale of magic, love, betrayal, and loss, Rowan of the Wood is well-inspired and lovingly written." - Nothing Binding Review

"...the main thing is the story, I believe, and Rowan has a good one. Cullen bonds with Rowan, in some ways literally, as the strong, caring adult that he craves. That Cullen and Rowan must face, together, a truth that may be too painful to bear seems to me the lynchpin of the story. This melding of the worlds of the child and the adult strikes me as quite inventive and sets this book apart from its predecessors in the "'orphan hero' canon."
- Brian Malone, fantasy critic. Read his entire review